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Effect of Carbon in Pure Iron

The Carbon content affects the solubility limit and there are different phases that affect overall paradigm of iron matrix.

These are very very essential for the foundry-men to know something if not in details, about the effect of 'C' in different stages.

There are different types of processes to make the metals into different shapes eg casting, forging, extrusion, etc. The casting is again sub divided into static casting, and centrifugal casting. The whole process is covered with pattern making, moulding, pouring, etc.

All the steel that we make is actually conducted by the introduction of carbon into the iron matrix. The composition of Carbon overall changes the physical and chemical properties of the steel that are valuable in different aspects both domestically and industrially.

Commercially, we need to understand controlling the metallurgy is extremely important so that desired results can be obtained with least wastage.

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