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  • Best Deoxidiser
  • Inert environment developer that's why remove gases
  • Carbonious inert chemical coated fine particle capture gases and then remove from the bath.
  • Increase fluidity and low density so modify inclusion and separate gases from molten metal and lowering gaseous level.
  • Special carbonious fine particles use to remove impurities without the addition of "C".
  • Consumption of 500 Grams PMT to 750 PMT of molten metal @ ₹ 100/- per kg. Results in 10% down in level of Oxygen, Hydrogen and Nitrogen level.
  • It can be used as "QUALITY CONTROLLER".


The carbon work as Organic Carbon. It maintains an organic carbon chain like aromatic carbon. So, carbon is there but it is not there for addition to steel.

This aromatic carbon fulfils total open area of the ladle with their aromatic expanded structure and works as an inert gas, absorb unwanted gases. Specially made with rare earth metal coating and results in removal of unwanted impurities of gases from metal and sand out.


CONSUMPTION: 750 grams PMT of Molten Metal




Kuboid Degaser

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