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Historical Principals of Stages in Steelmaking

In the process of making steel from the Pharos of Egypt to the Modern-day, Iron manufacturing has been known for at least 2500 years.

The process of continuous perfection in the techniques and technology of steel making can be divided into a number of stages.

Stage 1: Direct Conversion of Iron Ore

Stage 2: manufacture of Wrought Iron from Pig Iron

Stage 3: The Beginning of Molten (Cast) Steel Production

Stage 4: Appearance of Relative Simple and Inexpensive Methods for Mass Production of Cast Metal

Stage 5: Progress of Electric Steelmaking

Stage 6: Intensification of Steelmaking Process by Oxygen Blowing

Stage 7: Appearance and Development of Remelting Processes

Stage 8: Appearance and Development of Off- furnace or Ladle Processing of Metal ("Secondary Metallurgy")

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